Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our dojo and services.

Can I come for a trial?

Yes. We offer a 1 class free trial.

What should I wear?
We supply the uniform for the trial so any clothes is fine.
What should I bring for my first class?

Water bottle and towel.

Do I need to be fit to start training martial arts?

Definitely not. You will actually get in shape while training martial arts. Our program is designed for anyone at any fitness level.

At what age can kids start training?

4 years old, but depending on their behaviour and attention we can take even younger.

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu safe?

Compared to other martial arts styles, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is much safer. There’s no punching or kicking in BJJ so the risks of any trauma are much smaller.

Can I cancel or suspend my membership?

During the period of your contract you are able to put your membership on hold for 6 weeks at 2 weeks at a time. 30 days notice required for cancellation.

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes. The first family member pays full price. 10% discount is available for the second family member. 20% discount applies for the third and all subsequent family members.